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Dalia considers herself as an interfaith activist and peace bridge-builder between different faiths through her voice. Despite criticism, Dalia performed Christian sacred music inside churches in Egypt in several occasions in Arabic, English, French, Syriac and Latin.

قعدة غنا finalA’det Ghona (The Singing Circle) is a non-profit initiative aiming at helping others express, explore and heal through group singing. Launched in Egypt in 2017, The Singing Circle the first and only initiative in the country that used vocal art to create a safe space for expression and positive interaction among hundreds of people of different ages, backgrounds and places. 

facebook profile picThe main idea of the project is using ِ A Cappella (a prestigious classical singing art that depends exclusively on human voices rather than musical instruments for making music) for singing folklore, pop and original songs that relates to the public in Egyptian Arabic.